Tidying Up: Taking a Closer Look at Your Garage

Getting organized can feel like an overwhelming task, but it’s one of the most rewarding things you can do for yourself. The space you live and work in affects your everyday life and can often play a critical role in how productive you are with other household projects.

Tidying up your garage may seem like a monumental task, but we’ll walk you through some tips and tricks to get you started.

  1. Get in the Zone. No, not Auto Zone. We’re getting rid of stuff, remember?! The first step in any big project is to commit to it mentally. Imagine the space you want to create and the lifestyle changes that will bring as you wrap your mind around the goal and set a completion date.
  2. Get Rid of Big Items First. This is a critical step because it gives you space to do the rest of the work. Old lawn mowers, tires, wheelbarrows, leaf blowers and any other junk you’ve left sitting in your garage that won’t fit in your garbage bin require proper disposal. You can hire a local junk removal company to pick up these items and properly dispose of them for anywhere between $150 and $800 for heavier items. Have a list of items you want to get rid of when you call for a quote. As an alternative, you can rent moving trucks and take your items to scrap yards or even list them for free on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace for a handyman to pick up.
  3. Shop for a Toss/Keep System. Go to your local store to pick up gloves and heavy duty trash bags which can be used get rid of unwanted trash. If you don’t have a truck to haul the bags to the dump, you can cut a couple of the trash bags to line the seats and floorboards of your car to protect the fabric. For items you want to keep, have boxes or plastic bins ready and available for tidy storage. Grab a permanent market to label.
  4. Start Outward and Move Inward. This might seem counterintuitive since most of your items are probably stored deeper in your garage, but starting outward will give you the space you need to clear out your garage as you get further into your maze of stuff. Clean out one outer corner, then the other, and slowly start making your way inward.
  5. Create More Storage Space. Now that you’ve gotten rid of the clutter and decided on what you want to keep, it’s the perfect time to consider additional storage options for your garage. Your walls and ceiling have a ton of unused space. Add garage slatwall to hang recreational equipment like bikes and yard equipment like rakes and shovels. Overhead storage can be added to get your storage bins and boxes off the floor. Take it to the next level and have custom garage cabinets installed for organized tools and equipment that will last your family a lifetime.
  6. Look Down. If you really want to create a clean, sleek, tidy garage space that you’ll love to work in, consider a garage floor coating to elevate the look and durability of your garage. A coating makes your garage look showroom ready while protecting your concrete from cracks and crumbles. While these can be DIY projects, having a professional do the work ensures the proper equipment is used for cleaning and prepping your floor, which is essential to creating a much longer lasting, quality flooring.

So there you have it! Create a plan that gets rid of clutter and organizes your “keep” items, and you’ll feel great about your garage again in no time!